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Thank you to everyone I follow for being awesome and for filling my dash with all your thoughts, positivity and amazing gifs and edits. I’ve been in the Grey’s Anatomy fandom for just about a year now and I’ve been given the opportunity to meet so many lovely people who I never would have otherwise. I appreciate and admire you all and thank you for making my tumblr experience a good one. I’ve met some amazingly kind people on here and I hope to make many new friends in the future!

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Alex Karev in every episode (1/?)

inspired by x


so yeah everyone seem to be  watching eurovison in my dash as I see lmao

make me choose » charliesawyer asked: brooke davis or izzie stevens

i’m both. i’m a surgeon and i am a person who becomes emotionally involved. i will never again cross the line like i did with denny. i have learned my lesson. but i’m still both, and i’m not going to give up either part of me. and i am not going to apologize for it.


Jessica Capshaw attends USC Shoah Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on May 7, 2014.

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Anonymous : tumblr misses you too

aww whoever you are, that’s so sweet ! 

oh gosh I miss tumblr so much